Smarty Romano’s keyboard came to life. His eyes grew wide as he concentrated hard on the keys.

PQLEF. They fell into an obsession with him. The keys themselves began to rise from the keyboard. They levitated up to an inch above their place before lowering down again.

Smarty turned around in his seat quickly and looked up at the corner between the wall and the ceiling

Hundreds of thousands of Spiders crawled out from the area. They ran across the walls in rows as people screamed, papers flying through the air as the spiders filled up the room.

“What the hell is going on?” a man yelled at the top of his lungs.

Smarty turned around to the man and looked at him intensely.

The man began to levitate in the air, an expression of pure panic torn across his face.

“Wha-why are you doing this?” his voice continued to rise until it was nothing more than a squeak.

Smarty continued to rise the body high into the air until he heard the sound of a marble on his desk.

He dropped the man and turned around, forcing the marble to levitate up towards the ceiling until finally shattering it when he blacked out.