The Election

Inspired by the profile picture from @DonCheadle.


“Thank you and remember together we can build a stronger union.” LL Burns spoke from his podium.

A massive applause erupted from the crowd.

“He’s not real! He’s a gremlin!” A student shouted from the south-western corner of the great lawn were the speech was being held.

“And a liar!” Screamed another student protester.

A rift of boos shot at the two students. Two union workers marched them out of the crowd.

“Now now wait a minute. No leave them there don’t take them away.”

The two union groundsmen took their hands off the students.

“It’s come to my attention there is a lot of doubt out there for this campaign…a lot of people saying I’m not who you think I am. Now come on people-am I the most straight talker you’ve ever met or what?”

A chorus of laughter erupted from the crowd.

“There is something-now that we have gotten this far-that I feel like I should mention. Go ahead Judy…let’s show them.”

LL Burns turned around while his stage manager tugged on a skin folding at the center of his neck. ┬áBehind it was a metallic zipper….she unzipped all the way down to the top of his buttocks.

Out stepped a 6 foot tall humanoid Goblin with scaly green skin and a head resembling that of a velociraptor.

“So the students were right but now that’s out in the light let’s see what else we can play with tonight. Judy?”

The stage manager, as well as the rest of the team, stepped out of their human one pieces and joined LL Burns on the stage. They all had the same snarling look on their faces.

“Hunting becomes easier when you bring the food together.”

Before the crowd could react, LL Burns and company jumped from the stage and attacked, brandishing their razor-sharp teeth at the crowd and snapping at small children and babies.

33 individuals had been consumed before the student had his shot. He aimed, pulled and down went LL Burns with a bore through his head.

As soon as the lead creature went down, the others began to sizzle and melt into a heap of green scaly flesh, burning through the ground like hot acid on a hot day.

While the rise of LL Burns took fifteen months, its fall took only fifteen seconds.