You are finding yourself in a room with a thousand other people. Suddenly they call out your name and you are the one selected…..

They hand you a knife and a brick and send you out into the woods were you will be locked out of the village for the next three days.

Night comes around and you find the wolf attempting to claw its way into your tent. It snaps at you with punctual efficiency. It snags your forearm and rips off a sizable chunk of flesh. You punch it with your good arm. Lights out for Mr. Wolf.

Three days later you make it back to the village where they open the gates for you.

“How did you survive?”

“Wolf stew lasts a long time.”

“And the brick?”

“Well the knife was more useful.”

“You still have the brick?”

“Yea. Why?”

“That wolf can only be killed by the brick.”

“But I ate it. You crazy buffoon.”

Later that night you feel something in your stomach. A strange queasy feeling at first turns into a searing pain as the wolf moves inside of you, rips through the net of your intestines before breaking the stomach lining and epidermis and bursting out in one final glorious rebirth.

And now the wolf is in the village.